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Commercial Mortgages, Nexus Investment Corporation

Nexus Investment Corporation

Nexus is an established and distinctive lending/mortgage banker and underwriting agent for institutional pension funds, mutual funds, life insurance companies and banks.  Nexus is an approved CMHC correspondent and exclusive commercial underwriting agent in Western Canada for many lending institutions.


Nexus specializes in commercial real estate lending offering mortgage solutions beginning at $1,000,000.  Eligible properties include industrial, commercial, hotels, multi-family, assisted living and care facilities, in short almost all revenue producing real estate.  


Each year Nexus Investment Corporation secures millions of dollars of commercial financing for a diversity of projects, properties and companies.  This allows Nexus to negotiate with a broad variety of lending institutions, in turn securing the best possible terms and structure for our clients.

Product Mix


Conventional First & Second Mortgages


CMHC Insured Mortgages


Construction Financing

Mortgage Servicing




Nexus is a proud sponsor of Equus Ventures Inc.

I have been referring my clients to Nexus for the past 25 years.  During that time many a deal has been saved by not just their knowledge and understanding but by their creativity.  They are always willing to go the extra mile to provide the best service to their clients.  I will continue to recommend Nexus to all my clients without hesitation.  


Barry Calvin - Century 21 Harbour Realty

You can get commercial mortgages from a number of institutions.  Yet, when you work with Nexus you get more than a mortgage.  You will get solid advice, professional insight, clarity into the process, efficient use of your time, understandable information on the mortgage industry, and, in many cases, a much better outcome for your project.  Further, with so many mortgages having been done, Nexus knows the preferences of many institutions and private investors. So when your project is presented to the appropriate companies, you know you will be dealing with lenders that have an understanding of your niche in the marketplace.  Lastly, Nexus is solely in the business of mortgage lending so you will find them accessible and responsive.  I highly recommend Nexus.

Kenneth R. Megale, President, B. Comm., C. Snr.

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